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 Taylormade r11 is everything for my golf

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PostSubject: Taylormade r11 is everything for my golf   Mon 5 Dec à 5:16

I have played with many golf drivers, but they all can't offer me what I want, so I were always looking for a good driver for my golf. I didn't think the so called good driver is really good until I met the TaylorMade R11 Driver. The taylormade r11 became very popular on the market since it was realeased. Taylormade have said many good words about their this new driver. And there are also many media echo the Taylormade r11 would become the best driver on the market. I feel very interested with the new driver, so I decided to have a try them.

Until now, I have played with the r 11 driver about half a year, and I think the r11 is the good driver for all the golfers. As we all know that the every golfer own his or her own unique style and swing, but the r11 driver has the good adjustability for the different player. R11 driver can allow you to customize your driver in dozens of combinations to meet your unique and specific needs, it can help you to corrent a falw and accenuate a strength. Taylormade once said the taylormade r11 has many advanced technologies, you can believe that, because of these technologies, you can get what you need throughing adjusting.

The best part the r11 taylormade driver offer me is the higher and higher trajecory. The weight of the r11 taylormade driver is light, so I can swing it easily with faster speed. I often tend to slice and hook the ball,but with the r11 taylormade driver, they are reduce, because I can whip out the Taylormade torque wrench and adjust the club face angle to correct them. In addtion, I also like the r11's white crown and black design, I think it is not only cool, but also make it easy to address the ball. I really highly recommend the r11 driver to all the golfers. Hope we all can have a better golf.

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Taylormade r11 is everything for my golf
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