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 Fri 1 December -> ELEKTROWASH CITIZENS #5 le @ Structure

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PostSubject: Fri 1 December -> ELEKTROWASH CITIZENS #5 le @ Structure   Sat 28 Oct à 13:07

Fri 1 December -> ELEKTROWASH CITIZENS #5 le @ Structure Beton - Brussels.

" BUNKER & CREME " Label night !!

- Legowelt live ( Bunker, Crème Records/Nl )
- Orgue Electronique live ( Bunker, Crème Records/Nl )
- Dj TLR aka Mr Clavio ( Crème Rec/ Globaldarkness/NL )
- Stel-R ( Popzero, Elektrowash )
- Uriel ( Enjoy Apocalypse )
- Autokinetik ( Electro Activity, Magnetic Bass )
- Gyfrax ( Item Records/ Elektrowash Citizens )
- Rem ( Subversivesound )
- Nell ( dansplezier )
- Snooba ( vinylamalgame/ panik )

Where ? STRUCTURE BETON : 78a Avenue de Vilvoordelaan, 1000 Brussels - belgium. Start 22h00 / 8€ Infos : elekrowashcitizens@gmail.com / www.myspace.com/elektrowashcitizens / www.structurebeton.be.tf / www.popzero.org

/// ARTISTS ///

Legowelt is also known as : Polarius, Salamandos, Smackos, Catnip, Squadra Blanco, Venom 18, Macho Cat Garage …

Legowelt began producing music when in the early 90ies the adolescent
autistic schoolboy came in sporadic contact with the sounds of
Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Model 500, Blake Baxter (probably
his all-time favorite producer) and Chicago heroes such as Farley
Jackmaster Funk, Armando Gallop and mr.Fingers. Later on this palette
of influences grew with early Mu-Ziq, Aphex Twin, Drexciya, various
stuff from The Irdial Discs label and virtually every type of freaked
deep music he could get his hands on.
But nothing had quite the influence of when, somewhere in the early
90ies, he first heard a band called ’Unit Moebius’ on the radio. A
punky palette of RAW freaked out Lo-fi chicago trax and deep detroit
jams made with machines which were found next to the garbage can.
Shocked in awe he heard that this music came out of The Hague, Holland
The very same city he lived in ! Put on the right track by this fact he
stumbled into the Bunker Records office and discoverd a world of
contemporary autistic freaked music lovers who looked beyond all the
bland house and dance music that ruled the media and clubs. Musical
mentors such as IF and Melvin White (aka pametex) lectured him with
even more unknown sounds such as early electro and the obscure
pre-1983 Italian disco which production secrets were closely studied.
In 1998 Bunker released the first vinyl of Legowelt : Pimpshifter, a 6
track mingled Italo Chicago combi which became an instant cult hit
with tracks such as ’Stumvogel’ and ’Total Pussy Control’.
Apart from producing Legowelt has been playing live all over the world
for the last 5 years. A lot of time together with Orgue Electronique
and the infamous Bunker Team. To see where Legowelt performed over the years.

Orgue Electronique
Orgue Electronique is also known as : The Chicago Shags, Macho cat Garage …

When Brian Chinetti aka Orgue Electronique heard Planet Rock for the
first time on a local US airforce radio station he realized 1+1 = 1.
The Jarre and Kraftwerk records his mother would play to make him play
quietly with his toys, and this refreshing new music referred to as
’electro’ was in essence the exact same thing : music made with
synthesizers and drum computers. The urge to make electronic music was
born. But kids have little alternatives when their monthly allowance
isn’t sufficient. The desire to make music was forced to a hold after
the local music store owner banned Chinetti because he had spend his
entire Christmas vacation there, programming synths and drum
computers. All he could do now was lock himself up in his fathers
garage, swap tapes and learn about electro, Italo and Chicago house
through radio broadcasts.
Many years later Chinetti had almost forgotten about his desire to
make music when he bought an Amiga computer from his friend Legowelt.
It came with sequencer software, so for the first time in his life he
could start to translate all his listening experience into his own
music. On what would turn out to be the last Unit Moebius live
performance ever, Chinetti gave a demo tape to Guy Tavares, the owner
of Bunker Records. Shortly after Tavares invited Orgue Electronique to
release his first solo record, "The Eye That Never Sleeps", a
collection of minimal electro-funk exercises which soon became a most
searched for cult-hit. By that time Chinetti started to perform more
and more, most of the time in the dirty brown squats of the Hague.
After two Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique releases on Bunker Records
Chinetti met Luke Eargoggle and released another solo record,
’Arcadia’ on Stilleben records. Legowelt and Orgue Electronique
continued to team up on numerous occasions, not only invading the
world with the new but already renowned Bunker Team, but also in the
analogue SternStudio. Together they recorded several remixes and
releases and later their collaboration became better known as Macho
Cat Garage, who did releases on Viewlexx and Downlow.
Their latest alias, The Chicago Shags, was the next step for Orgue
Electronique after his highly acclaimed solo EP ’Texas, Brooklyn &
Heaven’ (on Crème Organization). The TBH ep combined the various
styles Chinetti has learned to master over the years : staccato
electro-nic funk, sleazy italo disco finesse and Chi-town sexiness.
Meanwhile Chinetti has been travelling all over the world : from the
Hague to Detroit, from Tokyo to New York and keeps producing his
soulful excursions into minimal funk, deep disco, melodic freestyle,
electro-stiffness and Chicago swang, both as a dj and live act.

TLR is also known as : Mr Clavio …

Place of Birth : Selfmade
Main Influences : Den Haag, Chicago, Detroit, Rome
In the summer of love TLR started playing hardcore punk at parties in
a local youth home that was closed when asbestos was found seeping
through the pores. In 1996 he co-founded Global Darkness and became
involved in organising underground Jungle parties in the totally
freaked out and fucked up squat scene of the West Coast of Holland
area ; filled with fundamentalists, attention junkies, substance
abusers, genetic experiments gone wrong and legions of crustie tekno
travellers (like SP23) looking for an easy buck in the flower industry
and an escape from the 1994 Criminal Justice Act.
In the late 90´s - when Jungle had died a horrible death in Drum &
Bass - the first wave of The Hague electronics hit him like a brick
when Guy Tavares of Unit Moebius gave him some records of I-F, Pametex and Electronome after a gig. Their tense and dangerous style was far removed from the mind numbing lifestyle crap that dominates the
airwaves and refueled a love for electro in him that had been dormant
since the mid 80’s. When introduced to the hidden treasures in the
Clone recordshop (then housed in a small and dark backroom of
Rotterdam´s Urban Unit) matters really got out of hand.
In 1998 the Bunker label rose from its own ashes. Soon after the
original Global Darkness crew went separate ways. He designed the
skeleton for www.bunker-records.com and started
www.globaldarkness.com, which silently grew into one of the most
consistent electro/disco communities on the Internet. In 2000 TLR and
fellow dirty brown loser DJ Schmerzlabor pulled the Bunker Records
Dirty Brown World Tour out of their hats and invited Legowelt & Orgue
Electronique (at that time one of the few Bunker live acts) along to
spread the dirty brown gospel.
The Bunker Team was a fact and he slowly rediscovered the Freewave
pirate radio Italo/disco sounds of his childhood through the mixes of
I-F and sunday afternoon tea sessions in the shady apartments of
Legowelt and Orgue Elect
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Fri 1 December -> ELEKTROWASH CITIZENS #5 le @ Structure
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