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 Gaming Through Time

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PostSubject: Gaming Through Time   Sun 27 Nov 2:05

Unless you yourself are a gamer, when you hear "video game" you probably think of the Xbox, Playstation, or Wii. In reality, however, games that can be played on a personal computer (PC games) have a huge chunk of the market. These games have many advantages over console games. First and foremost, they can be played on your computer, without needing to buy any of the expensive consoles. Second, computers can be upgraded easily, whereas an old Xbox is simply obsolete, and cannot be upgraded. Third, a mouse and keyboard provide better control than a console controller. The precision and speed you can achieve can't be beat. Finally, many of the hottest games are available only for PC, particularly online multiplayer games that have a chatting component (requiring a keyboard) or numerous multi-key command possibilities (also requiring a keyboard). Whatever your reasons for playing PC games are, these are the top PC games of the moment

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Gaming Through Time
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