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 Aignes WebSite-Watcher 2011 v11.5 Final

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PostSubject: Aignes WebSite-Watcher 2011 v11.5 Final   Wed 16 Nov 23:28

I really loved hitting the long irons, especially when the ball was sitting up on a tee.ping g15 Standing on the tee box of a long par 3 or a tight par 4, the 3 or 4 iron from this set are superb. As I generally find with most sets of irons, a well struck 3 iron is a pretty amazing feeling. With the G15 irons, I found it relatively easy to find the sweet spot off a tee and could get used to launching my golf ball way up into the sky, hurdling down the middle of the fairway. I really love the Ping G15 Irons.

Should you be looking at the g15 irons? If you are currently playing something like the TaylorMade RAC OS2 irons and are looking for a little more feel and distance, this would be a nice step up. If you are coming from a set of blades, looking to make your Sundays more enjoyable, I would suggest stepping into something a little more intermediate, like the i15 irons. The great news is, PING irons generally seem to retain their value well.ping irons g15 So, picking up a set of either of these irons for a month or two would not cost you an arm and a leg if you consider the resale value.

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Aignes WebSite-Watcher 2011 v11.5 Final
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