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Tourists can enjoy four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, a little of autumn in the afternoon, and a cold winter bite at night. Ba Na’s weather is unique. In Ba Na, rain often falls only halfway up the hill, leaving the peak and the sky above clear and the views spectacular.
The French turned Ba Na into a resort in 1901. In 1912, a progressive governor general of Indochina designated the area as a forestry reserve. However, in 1930, the French reclassified Ba Na as a holiday resort for French officers and built hotels and villas. After decades of war and neglect, the structures fell into disrepair. Then, in 2000, developers reclaimed Ba Na from the jungle. A tourist town rose from the ruins.
The areas greatest asset is its pristine eco-system and temperate climate. Ba Na is famous for its bio-diversity. Its flora and fauna contain over 544 tree species (including six rare species) and 256 vertebrates, all of which are recorded in Vietnam’s Red Book.
Endangered vertebrates include the crested argus, the Asian black bear, the yellow-cheeked gibbon, and lignum aquilariae, along with several other species yet to be listed that are thought to survive in small numbers, protected only by the pristine wilderness.
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