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 How do you let Roman live in GTA IV?

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PostSubject: How do you let Roman live in GTA IV?    Thu 7 Jul 22:51

so i was messing around on youtube and i had found out that roman dies from one of dimitri's henchmen that shot him at his wedding. my friend said that u can either kill dimitri before this happens or work with him to get $250,000. i need to know. IS THERE A WAY TO SAVE ROMAN'S LIVE!?!? if u have already beat the game, please tell me what to do. if i work with dimitri, do i save romans live? or do i save romans live by killing dimitri? i have no idea. or is there no way to save him? if there is no way to save him, please tell me because im almost done with single player. thanks very much to those that will help me

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How do you let Roman live in GTA IV?
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