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 5 Things Every Seo Needs To Succeed In The Seo Industry

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PostSubject: 5 Things Every Seo Needs To Succeed In The Seo Industry    Sun 19 Jun à 20:41

5 Things Every Seo Needs To Succeed In The Seo Industry
1) Explain SEO – SEO is a “buzzword” many business owners hear and marginally understand – but it’s very safe to assume they do not know the whole story. Even if they think they do the odds favor that they were informed (or misinformed) a long time ago. The world of SEO changes daily – so unless they heard about SEO yesterday or today from an SEO expert then it’s important you start from scratch. Tell them how SEO works (broad overview) and why it’s time consuming, difficult, and well worth the effort.

Building your relationship with this new client on assumptions of SEO prowess is a bad idea.

2) Be Honest – Perhaps the most common mistake is not being 100% honest and upfront about the time needed and the lack of instant results often associated with SEO. As you all know SEO takes time, and lots of it!
The client will likely not know this and must be told upfront that SEO can often take upwards of 9-12 months (in some niches) to see any quantifiable results! There are of course cases where results happen faster – but it’s always best to over estimate time then to underestimate it.

3) Make sure you have a legally sound contract – It is crucial to have a legally sound contract to protect both yourself and your client. SEO is a very unpredictable industry and as an SEO professional you have limited control over the outcome of a campaign. You might be saying – “hey wait, I’m the best SEO ever – its guaranteed with me!”…well it’s not. You aren’t Google. It’s crucial to layout the monthly rates, the time needed and any opt out clauses that protect you and the client. In other words – make sure this contract is *** tight and ready to roll when you are at the table with the client.

4) Send Reports – Once you have the client make sure you stay in touch. Send reports on a monthly basis (at a minimum). Include their rankings (for the keywords you are targeting) and the + or – change when compared to the last month. Also include any crucial traffic data as well. Increases in certain segments of traffic (advanced segments in Google Analytics can be your best friend here!). One common complaint many businesses have with their SEO company (present or past) goes something like this…” They never send reports, I never hear from them!” bad way to do business!

5) Be Proactive – Surprise your clients…check in on them, call them! Imagine how happy they will be if you were to call them once a month. Your SEO clients DO NOT want be treated like a number. They want you to know their name and speak to them once in a while. They are spending quite a lot (I hope!) on your services – so make sure they feel attended to.
So there you have it – 5 tips on how you can avoid some very serious SEO client related problems. Batten down the hatches and full sails ahead, matey.

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5 Things Every Seo Needs To Succeed In The Seo Industry
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